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The Foundation plays an important role in raising public awareness of science through its ongoing 30-year sponsorship of the biennial Wright Science Colloquia and its support of innovative programs providing participative encounters with interdisciplinary science research.


The Wright Science Colloquia are the Foundation's flagship program. Held biennially in Geneva since 1984 and open to everybody free of charge, the Colloquia were established by Dr. H. Dudley Wright in gratitude to the people of Geneva, his adopted home city. Organized by the University of Geneva and fully underwritten by Fondation H. Dudley Wright, each Colloquium is a series of evening seminars built around an interdiscipinary scientific topic selected by the Foundation's Board of Directors under advice from its Scientific Committee. Topics of past colloqua have addressed the discovery of things with infintesimal scale to issues of universal magnitude.

As one of the premier science events in francophone Switzerland, the Wright Science Colloquia attract leading scientists from around the world as speakers presenting cutting-edge research to an educated audience interested in but not necessarily trained in science. This unique learning experience—including up close and personal sessions created especially for young people to inspire their exploration of basic science as a career—bring to open public discourse the latest discoveries, fascinating ideas, probing debates and amazing innovations from the world of science and technology.

The 2014 Wright Science Colloquium topic is "THE SECRETS OF THE SUN | Origin, Climate & Energy".
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Although the Foundation does not directly fund science research, we provide financial support to research institutions, public and private organizations, and individuals for the development of programs aligned with our Mission—initiatives that inform, entertain and educate the public. Some of the Foundation’s recent institutional project funding are pictured and described below. Click or tap on the images to enlarge view.


PhysiScope, an innovative theatre-laboratory permanent exhibit at the University of Geneva’s Institute of Physics, designed to introduce children and adolescents to the excitement of scientific research through hands-on exploration of the fundamental principles of physics and some of its current scientific challenges.

PlanetSolar DeepWater

Climate research measuring air and water conditions along the Atlantic Gulf Stream from Florida to New York (2012), a part of the "PlanetSolar DeepWater" scientific expedition carried out by the University of Geneva aboard the solar catamaran MS Tûranor PlanetSolar.

Genome—a Journey to the Centre of Life

“Genome—a Journey to the Centre of Life” temporary exhibition (October 2009 to February 2010) in celebration of the University of Geneva's 450th anniversary. Staged within a bright purple bubble (14-meter diameter) with a breathtaking 360° projected visualization that gave one the sense of being inside the cell nucleus, this imaginative approach to explaining science attracted more than 127,000 visitors.

Matière Première

CERN’s unique travelling exhibit “Matière Première” (Raw Material)—designed “for young people and the not so young”—explores the origins of our universe, the particles that we are made of, and the power of fundamental science to change the world as we know it.

Science on Stage

Science on Stage Festival | Copenhagen 2011, a hands-on science teacher training extravaganza attracted more than 300 educators from 23 countries.

Science Tunnel

Science Tunnel, a travelling interactive experience in basic science created by the Max Plank Society which reached more than 9 million visitors worldwide since its premiere in the year 2000 at the World Exposition EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany.


In addition, the Foundation provides grants to individuals and smaller institutions directly engaged in primary and secondary school science education, for the development of innovative basic science teaching methods in the classroom and in the field. For more information contact the Foundation.


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